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"Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not failure... Its your legal right to a fresh financial start."

When you have trouble keeping up with your debts, its easy to feel overwhelmed. You want your life back. You want to pick up the phone and not be afraid that it is an angry bill collector on the other end. You have thought about bankruptcy but all you hear are bad things about it... and you worry about your future.

The truth is Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not failure. Its a chance at a fresh financial start. It's your legal right to shake off the chains of excessive debt that are holding you down and to begin again. I help hundreds of people every year in Utah relieve themselves of the financial challenges that are holding them back.

In order to make an informed decision about bankruptcy, you need to understand the benefits and limitations of each of your options, including bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. At my firm, I will personally meet with you to explain your options so that you understand your choices and make an informed decission.

In general, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, sometimes referred to a "liquidation bankruptcy," is the fastest and cleanest way to shed your debt and get a fresh financial start. However, you must meet certain requirements about the amount and nature of your debts and assets to qualify to file for a Utah Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Call today to find out what your options are in Utah regarding bankruptcy.